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You have all you need inside you...

You truly do!

Here’s some more ideas on how to access your inner wisdom and Spiritual CEO whenever you need to!


Spiritual CEO's rely on their inner wisdom and intuition to guide them in making everyday business decisions.

Whether you're building a dream or solving a problem, it will help to turn inwards and allow space and time for inspired answers to flow to you, rather than trying to force or overthink things.

How to do this?

Turn your dreams and problems over to your inner wisdom.

Ask for solutions of your higher self and be willing to patiently await these.

Trust that this guidance will give you everything you need to move forward.

When you hear this guidance you will KNOW what to do and when to do it.

There’s honestly no mistaking it!

If you’d love some assistance tapping in to your intuition you’re in the right place!

All my programs have this as their foundation!

I believe it sits at the basis of everything as we create a life and business we love AND helps us solve any problem or challenge which arises along the way.

The source of all you need is absolutely within you!

I created the Spiritual CEO program to help you draw on this resource more consistently as you lead your business, follow your heart AND attract those dream clients and abundance into your business and life!

The program includes:

✨ Pre & post- coaching Journaling Workbooks

✨ Choose from 1 x 60 minute coaching session / month or 2 x 30 minute coaching sessions / month

✨ 3 Days of Voxer/Email support each month.

✨ Full access to my Member’s Area and all my paid programs for the duration of your membership!

✨ NO LOCK IN CONTRACTS. Pay month to month.

✨ Access a fixed monthly rate for your first 12 months.

✨ Receive 2 months FREE when paying upfront for the 12 month program!

Only four days left to access this program at the introductory rate of $360 US/month or $3,600 US / Full Year!

I’ve got two spots remaining! (Offer closes 10/10)

Want to learn more?

Click the Spiritual CEO program link in my BIO!

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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