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You don’t have to prove yourself. You just have to BE yourself.

Often we believe we have to be something we’re not and to live up to the ‘standards’ and expectations we think others hold of us…

But we don’t.

These unrealistic expectations are usually our own…

What others want from us, is for us to BE ourselves. To be our true authentic selves. Quirks and all!

That’s what they connect with. That’s what they LOVE about us.

Funny thing is sometimes we’ve been squashing her so long it takes a bit of practice to unleash her beauty and magic into the world.

Who you are is not only enough, but the VERY woman we’ve all been waiting to meet. The one who stands out from the crowd simply by being herself.

Best of all, it’s effortless to be your whole self. It requires you only to RELEASE the beliefs and barriers which have been standing in the way.

Let them go and you’re completely free to be YOU! 😅💕✨

Have a wonderful day!

Em 💛 xo

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