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Worthiness is the foundation not the result

It can be tempting sometimes to tie our worthiness up in the outcomes of our business. We look to evidence that we are 'worthy' in the results.

Like whether we're bringing in client's consistently, or money.

Or whether our program sells or not.

But the worthiness piece has to come first.

If you don't feel worthy within yourself, it will affect everything you do. And people will FEEL it.

Here's ways in which you may be de-valuing yourself in your business...

> Worrying about posting too much or sharing your offers too often.

> Trying too hard to do things 'right' or say the 'right' thing instead of speaking from your heart.

> Feeling good when something is resonating with others and down when it's not.

> Overthinking or wondering what am I doing 'wrong' when something's not working, instead of separating out the content, program or container from who you ARE as a person.

In order to bring results in any facet of life, your worthiness is the FOUNDATION.

Your sense of worthiness:

⭐️Leads you to trust your decision making and all you do as you lead your business.

⭐️Helps you find the inner confidence to show up for your audience in the first place.

⭐️️Reduces the chance you'll be overthinking everything.

⭐️️Will help you see what YOU offer that no-one else can. 🤩

It's not about arrogance, ego or trying to be something you're not.

It's about celebrating your own inner magic and the VALUE you have to bring simply by BEING your inherently worthy self. 😍

Everything else will flow from this.

Lots of love,

Em 💛xo

PS. Want to feel a sense of deep worthiness so you can better serve your people and share your unique magic with the world? Join me for Reconnect & Elevate where I’ll help you connect with your inner wisdom, worthiness and confidence fast so you can see the results you’ve been dreaming of in your business and life! I've got a space waiting right now just for you!

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