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Whatever you do, it must be backed by your self-belief

I know this idea won’t be popular maybe... But I personally believe this so deeply.

THIS is why cold DM’g, hard selling tactics and lack based (ie. ‘you need me’) marketing works for some people. Because they BELIEVE in what they’re doing.

Spiritual alignment in your marketing means that implementing any strategy consistently will bring you results, eventually, as long as YOU BELIEVE it.

It’s why, when you chop and change and try lots of different things, your audience feel confused and sit back rather than buying anything.

It’s because whatever you do, it must be backed by your SELF-BELIEF.

When you lack self-belief and trust in what you’re doing, you’ll start looking to anyone and everyone for guidance on what you should be doing.

And people will FEEL this. They will know that YOU’RE not buying what you’re selling.

And if you’re not buying it, they won’t either.

THIS is why I believe so strongly in connecting with your inner wisdom and guidance when implementing any ‘strategy’.

It needs to come from that inspired place within you, where you have trust, confidence and certainty to the extent where you will keep moving, trusting and believing every step of the way.

There’s nothing wrong with taking ideas from outside to create your strategy.

But if YOU don’t believe it within yourself. If you don’t think you can make it work. If it doesn’t feel good for you. Then that’s exactly what you’re going to see. NOTHING.

So start with you. Connect within yourself. Imagine yourself creating the dream business that you’d LOVE to lead.

⭐What exactly would you be doing?

⭐How would you be working?

⭐How will you be standing out from the crowd?

⭐And how will you be attracting those dream client’s and sales into your business?

This stuff matters. So let yourself dream. And create something that feels AMAZING. Something you would buy and that you can share and market with passion and excitement.

Your dream clients are just waiting for YOU to show up for YOUR dreams so you can help them show up for their’s too!

Lots of love,

Em 💛xo

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