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What's your spiritual sign?

Do you have a spiritual sign in your life?

Mine are eagles, hawks and bamboo! 🦅🎋💫

When I see my signs, I feel trust and confidence I’m on the right path and that my creative energies are flowing…

Signs can be powerful reminders of many things when you’re on a spiritual journey in life and business…

It may symbolise being on track in your creative process, that you’re actively manifesting what you dream of.

They can be a reminder to trust in yourself and the universe.

Signs can also be a lightbulb moment when they appear in the exact right moment. You know instantly what you need to do.

We all know that feeling of paying attention to something and it suddenly appears everywhere…

Like when your buying something new, a car or something…

Spiritual signs are a great indication your creative energy is flowing…because you’re paying attention and looking for what you want instead of focused on what you don’t want to see…

As a Spiritual CEO your likely to see all kinds of amazing signs and coincidences on your journey.

How to do this?

Select signs specific for you and the dreams you're creating through your life and business.

Slow down, pay attention and allow yourself the space to notice these.

Practice patience and trust that your sign will appear and be instantly recognisable when you most need it.

When you see it you can bask in the sign and the reminder it gives of your creative potential.

If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean things aren’t working.

You just need to trust that your sign will appear when you most need it.

Would you love to draw more on your spirit as you run your business?

Maybe this post is a sign for you?

If so, I’d love to be invited to join you on your Spiritual CEO journey!!

Just one more day to access the Spiritual CEO at the low monthly rate of $360 USD. The price will more than double from Sunday!

There’s no lock in fees or contracts, pay month to month!

Click the Spiritual CEO link in my BIO to learn more or sign up!

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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