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Turn your business & life dreams into reality in 2023!

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Happy New Year! Are you feeling as excited about the year ahead as me?

As you kick off your new year, in this video, I share some ideas to support you to turn your business and life goals into reality in 2023!

As spiritual people we often look to the universe to support us as we create the life of our dreams. But in doing so we can sometimes forget that we are the creator of our own business and life experience.

Everything you see in your life and business, begins with YOU - the vision, beliefs and feelings you have within you.

When you 'believe' something is possible - you'll see it become your reality.

Are you ready to Create, Lead and Live the life of your dreams in 2023 and to make your unique difference in the world?

My 2023 dreams and goals planners are available now to help you feel excited, inspired and gain clarity on the dreams and goals you most want to turn into your reality in 2023!

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Lots of love,

Em xo

PS. Here's the transcript!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Create Lead Live. I'm Emily Wilks. And I'm thrilled that you've joined me for today's session.

Today, we're going to be talking about turning your business and life dreams into reality this year. And I want to chat to you about this, because this is the first episode for 2023. And I thought, it's the perfect time to really be dreaming about all that we're going to be creating in this year and in the years ahead.

So it's a perfect opportunity to start to dream about what you want, and to start to turn those dreams into reality and to see them come to fruition in your everyday life as the year unfolds.

So the reason that I love to talk about this topic is because you are the creator of your own life, and I genuinely believe this. And it's the core message that I share, through everything that I do in my business with my clients and in the content and everything that I produce, as a business owner, is really about sharing this message. And this, you know, wisdom, I guess, is that we are the creators of our own life.

And sometimes we forget this, even if you are a spiritual person, we can tend to hand over our power over to the universe, we can hand our power over to others or to 'fate' or to circumstances. But what I really want you to think about is the power that you hold within you.

An example of this is that everything that we do, everything that we create in our lives, starts out as an idea, the spark of a thought of a creative, inspired, concept within our minds, which then leads to us actually turning that dream into reality.

And everything that we do, everything that we create starts just as this simple spark of an idea within our minds. And that this is what enables you to be the creator of your life, is that that internal stuff, that internal wisdom, that internal belief that you have those you know, stories that you tell yourself about what's possible, at all, what enables you to actually turn those dreams into reality.

Because if you hold internal beliefs, or thoughts or concepts within you, which don't support those dreams that you have, you will not be able to turn those ideas into reality. Because what will happen is, you'll have those ideas, you'll you'll dismiss them, you'll think that they're not real, realistic or possible for you. And so you'll let them go.

And the beginning of a new year is a perfect example of this. Often we'll set new year's resolutions or goals for our year ahead. And we'll get a few days in or a few weeks into the year. And we'll let them go forget about them, or we'll stop working towards those things. And the reason that we do that is usually because we become disheartened or we don't make the progress as quickly as we would like. Or we get confused about what to do next, we feel overwhelmed.

And so, one of the things that can really help us is to have some tools and some ideas and concepts behind us that help us to actually not just dream about the idea, but to take steps forward and to really keep ourselves on track to hold ourselves accountable for what we're doing. But also to keep the momentum going through the inspiration and the excitement that we bring to everything that we do.

I want to give you an example of ways in which we can have a dream for a long time and take a long time to actually put it into place. And that example is drawing on my own life experience.

For many, many years, from a very young age, I wanted to run a business, I wanted to start my own business in a personal development space, a counselling coaching space. And I dreamt about it for such a long time from when I was in my 20s maybe even earlier, I started dreaming about it for such a long time. For such a long time, I could see myself doing this.

I could see myself working as a coach, as a counsellor, as a therapist. I had these ideas in my mind. But for many, many years, I told myself that in order to do this, that I had to have more credentials, I had to have more skills, I had to have more life experience. I had to have more experience, just generally.

And these beliefs that I held, held me back because I felt like I couldn't do it now. I felt like I couldn't live my dream right now. I believed that I was working towards it, that I was creating that dream and turning it into my reality. But I felt like I kept putting barriers in the way. I kept putting hurdles in front of myself with things that I had to do first, because I held these beliefs about what was necessary in order to actually live my dreams.

I remember doing things like, I started a counselling course and I went to uni. I tried to think of ways to speed up the process.

But the internal stuff kept holding me back, because I kept telling myself you're not quite there yet, you don't have the experience yet, you don't have the wisdom yet, people won't take you seriously yet.

I had all these internal ideas, which really stood in the way of me actually living that dream, right then.

And then I picked up jobs along the way, I worked in different roles. And what I did to enable myself to experience the dream right here, and then was, I would read about different ideas in the world of counseling or in coaching, and start to bring some of those ideas to my current work.

So no, I wasn't running my own business, I wasn't operating as a coach, as an author, an entrepreneur, in my own business, but I was bringing some of those concepts to my work.

So I started to experience some of those feelings of coaching through the work that I was doing. So as I moved through my roles, and I was working in leadership, I started to draw on coaching as part of my leadership role.

I started to create programs within the leadership role that I had, to support families that we worked with, that utilised coaching skills or therapeutic counselling skills, those kinds of things.

And so what I was doing was, I was finding ways to live that experience of coaching and counselling within the roles that I had right now. So I was able to kind of shorten that process - instead of not being able to do it until I got to the end of my degree, and my master's. I was able to actually live it in the here and now.

And it was an incredible experience. It was an amazing thing to actually be able to live it and step into it in the 'here and now' in that moment.

But all the while I was telling myself, I wasn't ready to become an entrepreneur or business owner. And yet, that was part of my big dream.

And so I was, you know, moving incrementally towards the dream I had. But at the same time, I was still holding myself back. I was holding myself back through the stories and beliefs that I had.

I didn't know anyone in the entrepreneurial space, I didn't know anyone that was a business owner. And so in my mind, I told myself all these stories about what I have to have, in order to be ready to run a business, I like a big budget behind me, or somebody that would invest in me, in order to enable that to happen. Or the ability to be able to take some time away from my role in order to be able to start my business.

And what I found was over the years, I realised I could start my business part time, I could work outside of the role that I had, and to get things rolling, and to get the ball rolling. You know, and one of the other things was having my psychology credentials, I waited until I had my psychology credentials, because I wanted to operate as a psychologist back then. So even though I could have gone out and done some coaching work, I actually held myself back believing I needed those psychology credentials to come through before I could actually start to run that business.

And so it's just a perfect example of how this dream lay within me for so many years. And it's the same for so many of us. We have these dreams, and we hold on for such a long time. And we enact them to a degree like we take steps towards them. And we try to integrate those dreams into our lives in various ways so that we can live and experience them right now. But we also tell ourselves lots of stories which hold ourselves back, we carry ourselves forward, saying that dream is somewhere off in the distance, far away.

And so we keep putting things off and putting things off, and not necessarily enabling that dream to become our reality more quickly.

So one of the things that we do as spiritual entrepreneurs or spiritual people, is that we say to ourselves the timing isn't right, or the universe has other plans for us, or we just need to wait until a sign arrives that's gonna let us you know, give us permission, I guess, to actually live that dream and move forward with it.

But in many ways, the ownership and the creative power lies within us. It lies within who we are, it lies within what we believe about ourselves. It lives within our decision to find a way - like the concept of, "where there's a will there's a way".

I have no doubt, if you're like me, you're driven, you're really motivated, you're hard working, you are desperately following your passion, because it means so much to you, it means the world to you.

But at the same time, we have these internal stories that we hold unconsciously, we don't even realise that we're doing it.

But we can find ourselves many years down the track and still not living our dream. And still not having found a way to actually live that dream right now.

And yes, some things are going to take time. Like, if you want to be a psychologist, you can't get your registration overnight, you do have to, you know, do the work and put in the time you the uni course and the masters and those kinds of things in order to, you know, sign up for registration and be accepted. And those things do take time. But there are elements of that role that you can live right now, like, you know, doing, you know, finding a way to start doing some counselling, or some coaching or to start to serve the world.

Like it might be, you know, if you live in Australia, and I'm sure around the world, there's other similar services, like Lifeline - places where you can go where you can actually start to do those things that you dream of doing.

And to actually live that dream that you have now like to serve others to help others to make that difference.

Maybe it's writing blogs, or you contribute to a magazine, or you write a book, you know, like, it's thinking about the ways that you have available to you to live that dream right here and now, and to like, turn that dream into your reality, through that belief that you have in the possibilities through that willingness that you have to look at the alternative ways that you can draw on in order to live that dream right now.

And so this, I think a really powerful way to start off your year is to really believe and to reclaim your power and to stop kind of looking outside yourself to the right circumstances in the right environment, to enable your dream to become your reality.

But to actually look at the internal circumstances that enable your dream, to become your reality to actually, like, tap into who you are and what you believe. And that power of belief that power of confidence, and trust and faith in yourself as a creator of your own life, to actually claim it and to say, you know if this is to be as that old saying goes, 'If this is to be, it's up to me!" It's up to me to create this with the help of the universe, when I actually claim my power, when I claim my creative power, when I actually cement exactly what it is that I'm dreaming of, and working towards, that I'm excited about, the universe will come to the party, it will join me, it will help me, it will open doors for me, it will enable me to create whatever it is that I need to actually turn that dream into my reality.

And to do it much more quickly. So that I'm not waiting so that I'm not, you know, waiting for the planets to align in order for it to be possible for me, for me to believe and for the universe to support me in that belief that this is possible for me right now. I can get up today and I can create, the day that I dream of having I can create that.

I create it by seeing it first in my mind, through getting really clear about what it is what I'm hoping for what I'm dreaming of, or how I want to feel what the experience is, that would be my dream day today. And then turn it into your reality, like, design your day for yourself so that you can actually live it today. So you can feel it today. So that you can go to bed at the end of today and know that you have taken not only the first step towards those big dreams and goals that you have, but you've actually lived them today you've been you've become or been that person today, you've stepped into being the person who has those things are ready, that lives that dream already that experiences those feelings already, that you've actually stepped into it, that you've chosen it that you've embraced it, and that you've taken ownership of creating it.

So I hope that this idea is helpful. That it's exciting for you and inspires you add up lifts you and helps kick off your year on a really powerful note.

One of the things that can really help you with this is having some tools to really, not just sit and think about it, but to actually create it, to really consciously create it.

One of the powerful things that I use is, structured tools that I work through on a day to day basis that helps me start my day on a really powerful note and to start my year on a really powerful note.

One of the tools that I have available for you right now is my 2023 dreams, goals and dreams planner.

There's a number of tools inside including a pack that goes together, which can really help you to start this process of dreaming about your year. First immersing yourself in the vision of what it is that you're wanting to create and the feeling of what it's like to live that vision and the experience, and then to start to build the strategy around it.

This is an aligned strategy, or a strategy, which aligns with what's in your heart. It's not about setting a goal that you think that you 'should' have for the year - or something that somebody has suggested is the right next goal for you to chase or that you've, you held for a long time, believing 'I should do this'.

This process is about stepping into that vision that you have, that excites you, that inspires you that lights you up, that feels powerful, that feels like it's the leading dream or goal for you this year.

And maybe it's a number of goals, but they're all goals that excite, uplift you and get you going - that when you imagine living that life every day, is just so energising for you.

So these tools can really help you dive deeply into that vision, to feel really connected with it, to feel really aligned with it. And then to create a strategy that's aligned with that vision. So it's not about just the strategy, it's not about just, all the things that you 'should' be doing or that you 'have' to do.

This is about the things that feel exciting, that enable you to create that vision. So the steps that you're taking are as exciting as the actual vision itself.

So instead of just like feeling connected to the end result or the end outcome, you're connected to the actions that you're taking, as well, you're actually feeling excited about the things that you have to do the things that you're, stepping forward and stepping through in order to create that dream.

So you're excited every day, you're doing things that feel amazing for you. And you're not just 'doing' for the sake of doing and being busy, you're actually creating that dream, day after day after day.

And you're living it at the same time you're experiencing it right now. Instead of waiting for some far off dream to become your reality, you're actually creating it and living it right now.

So I hope that this concept is really useful to you. As I mentioned, the dream and goal planning tools are available right now. Just click the link in the show notes to check them out.

There's a few different tools there.

One of them is my Lifestyle Inventory. It's a really great way of capturing what's happening in your life already as well as the kinds of areas of your life that you'd really like to strengthen and develop yourself further or expand further into this year.

And then there's the dreams and goals planner, which is about like exploring your dreams and leaning into the vision and feeling the feelings and deciding who it is that you are going to BE as you live those dreams.

And then there's the goal strategy planner - which is about actually unpacking it. 'What does this look like? What are the actual practical things that I'm going to be doing to be not only immersing myself in that dream but also turning it into my reality at the same time.

So if you're interested in these tools they're available right now, for less than $10 (AUD)! The Lifestyle Inventory is just $3.95, so take a look if you feel called to. You can buy the three as a pack, and get your year underway in a really powerful and exciting way.

So click on the link here and check them out.

Until next time, have an amazing time this first week of the year, doing all your dreaming, visualising, goal setting and planning. I just know this is going to be an amazing year for you.

Until next time, take care! Bye!

Lots of love,

Em xo

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