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The perfection in what already IS.

Nature is the perfect reminder to us of how little we need to interfere...

So often in life we're trying so hard to 'make' things happen, to 'be' something or to change something that doesn't appear to be as we want it to be.

But there's perfection in what already IS.

We just need to notice it. To pay attention to it. And to deeply love and appreciate it.

We need to stop looking for what's wrong, what's not working or what's holding us back and focus instead on what IS.

On the beauty that already exists. The lessons the here and now is bringing FOR us. And the ways in which we can value more deeply what we already have.

Then we simply get out of the way, stop pushing, pulling, interfering and controlling so nature in it's infinite wisdom can finally do it's magnificent thing.

Need some assistance to be more present, appreciative and connected with the infinite wisdom that surrounds and flows through you?

My Connection, Clarity & Confidence Coaching will help you hear what's in your heart so you can deeply enjoy your life and move forward with clarity and confidence.

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Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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