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The 'all in' version of me...

There was a time in my business when things weren’t working. Where things felt hard and exhausting.

And I tried, & tried & tried again to get the momentum going.

But try as I might, things just wouldn’t shift.

It was exhausting.

And doubt inducing.

Then one day a HUGE revelation hit me.

‘Em, you’re simply not operating as if you’re ‘all in’!

Yes, to the outside observer it ‘looks’ like you’re all in. You’re showing up. You’re serving.

You’re bringing your absolute best to what you’re doing.

But you’re not BELIEVING.

You’re not believing people will sign up.

You’re not believing people will love what you’re doing as much as you do.

When you create a program you sit back and wait for evidence it’s going to work before you go ‘all in’.

You’re waiting for something to happen BEFORE you’re ready to commit.’

And that wise voice within me was absolutely right.

On the outside it all looked good.

I was ‘doing all the things’…

And I was consoling myself with this…

But on the inside I was holding back & waiting to see…

Is it going to work this time?

When it didn’t, I’d blame something outside of myself.


‘Not a big enough email list’.

‘Not enough marketing’.

‘Not good enough messaging’.

Or the old cracker - ‘It seems like you’re just not very good at this…’

Blah, blah…

All the bullsh*t we tell ourselves right… 🤦‍♀️

Then one day I realised.

My energy needed to be ‘all in’.

For me to commit myself 100% to my dream.

To 100% focus on bringing my absolute best.


Not some half hearted, ‘when this, then this’ version of me…

And that’s when it all changed.

From mediocre outcomes, to pure magic.✨

You see?

Where your energy is going is what you’re seeing.

If you’re not seeing all you dream of, then your energy is going towards the ‘not having’ of it!

So instead of ‘doing’ more, bring more love and belief to all you’re doing!

To nurture it.

You’re doing all this for a loving reason, right?

So bring the LOVE with you.

Bring your heart.

Bring your belief.

Bring your magic.✨

Because when you do - there’ll be no stopping you!

Leave me some 💛 below if you’re feeling this ‘all in’ energy! 👇🏻

Lots of love,

Em xo

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