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Shine your magic brightly so you can stand out and attract dream clients with ease!

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Create Lead Live! I'm Emily Wilks and I'm thrilled that you've joined me for today's session.

Today, I'm going to be talking about shining your light out into the world, so you can stand out from the noise and attract your dream clients with ease.

I want to chat about this because, in the digital era we find ourselves in, it’s easy to feel bombarded and bamboozled by what you're seeing everyone else do online. Including marketing, content creation and the way people show up for their audiences.

It’s very easy to notice what someone else is doing and feel inspired and motivated, as well as attracted to all they’re doing.

When this happens we can start to feel like we need to create our content in a similar way or emulate someone else’s way of doing things. Though we don’t usually do this consciously – it can turn into a sea of content that begins to look a lot alike, due to being heavily influenced by the trends we’re seeing.

Unfortunately the more you’re influenced by others and what they’re sharing, the more we can start to lose our connection with our own inner magic. We lose our connection with our unique creativity and begin to create things that can easily get lost in the sea of sameness.

So instead of really standing out for who we are, and for our uniqueness or creative and innovative approach to the way we do things, we start to inadvertently follow others believing ‘this’ is the way that works.

We start to believe if ‘this’ way works for others, perhaps that’s what we should be doing too.

We may see someone creating and sharing beautiful reels and doing extremely well online and this leads us to believe perhaps we ‘should’ be doing reels too.

But while reels may work well for someone else – they may not be the most effective way of breaking through the noise for you.

It may be that blogs and written content will be more powerful in helping you to break through, because this is your natural creative outlet where you shine your brightest light out into the world.

Or perhaps you love to create beautiful graphics or content that is visually attractive.

The most important element of sharing content online is to beautifully showcase what you have to offer – the unique magic that only you can bring!

And the easiest way to connect with this creative magic, is to move out of our ‘heads’ and what they’re telling us about how we ‘should’ be showing up, and leaning more into our hearts by tapping into our strengths, passions and doing what feels good and what lights us up.

This is the energy your audience will feel when they come into your world.

Ask yourself:

💫 How can I shine my light uniquely out into the world?

💫 How can I stand out from the crowd?

💫 What’s uniquely, authentically and magically me?

Because you’ll never stand out doing the same things everyone else is doing.

I'll use myself as an example here.

A lot of people at the moment – especially online coaches – are choosing very simple and elegant branding, drawing on minimalist colours such as blacks, whites and golds.

And yes, it truly looks amazing, eye catching and I love this style of branding. I find it inspiring and uplifting. It attracts my eye and feels beautiful to me.

Yet in my own business, I prefer to create in colour. I love creating things that make me feel energetically a certain way. And colour is what makes me truly light up and shine. I love some sparkle and shine in what I share as well. I also love nature. I love the blue tones of the sea, the greens of the grass and trees, as well as the many different natural colours in our environment like the sand and spring flowers.

For me, using blacks, whites and golds in my branding alone would feel boring for me after a while. So while I’ll still always appreciate this simple elegant and beautiful aesthetic, creating from this limited palette, wouldn't leave me feeling bright and happy, or like me.

Colour is just one example of course.

It’s easy to be drawn into the messages others are sharing and think ‘oh, maybe I ‘should’ be drawing on these ideas in my own content too?’

And just as with colour, the problem in trying to say what others are saying is that your audience will start to feel confused – because you’ve lost the authentic voice of you. The uniqueness that’s you. The messages that are you.

So if you were to let go of the noise of the world and lean into your heart instead:

💫 What are the core messages you dream of sharing with the world?

💫 What are the things you could talk about all day and never get bored talking about?

💫 What questions do others ask you over and over and again, that you can answer easily, because it's etched within your heart?

When you lean into your own magic and shine it out into the world – people will easily find you. And they’ll more easily notice what you’re bringing that’s unique and special.

Of course it doesn’t have to be online either! Maybe you love speaking at live events and this passion and energy behind speaking will enable you to stand out from the crowd.

The most important point is that you’ll stand out when you’re being true to you, your unique expertise and creative expression. It’s this uniqueness and attractive energy that dream client’s will feel flowing through everything you do.

When people find what you’re creating – it will feel different than everything else they’re seeing.

When you start to do things in similar ways to others, you're not only disconnecting from your own magic, but the sea of sameness in the online world becomes deeper.

When this happens your message gets lost.

Yet, you can show up consistently, with consistent messaging, consistent branding, and yet never feel like people are bored!

Because this consistency is your thought leadership.

It’s what people need to hear from you – over and again.

In the beginning, they hear your message and feel your energy. Over time they pay more attention and start to listen. Then finally they actively begin to seek it out to learn more about what you’re sharing from you - they start to delve deeper into that topic because they love the way you share it.

They’ve scratched the surface and want more. They want to go deeper with you.

You’ve connected with them at a personal level because you’ve shared your uniqueness and authenticity. And they resonate with it in a way that they could never resonate with someone else because it’s unique to you.

Sharing authentically and vulnerably is one of the most powerful things you can do to shine your light out into the world and connect with your dream clients. Because no-one else can share these pieces of you.

If you’d love to create a beautiful authentic personal brand including sharing vulnerably (in a way that feels safe for you) that also connects powerfully with your dream clients - then CLICK HERE to access my latest FREE masterclass Unleash the Magic Within >>

When you’re willing and courageous enough to step into being who you truly are and owning the magic only you can bring, your clients will feel this powerful, attractive energy flowing through everything you do, AND they’ll only want more from you!

Sounds great right?

Click here to access Unleash the Magic Within >>

Thanks so much for joining me for another episode of Create, Lead, Live! Until next time have a beautiful week!

Lots of love,

Em xo

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