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Let the mind rest and surrender to the power of your heart.

Remember that old saying about humans only using around 10% of their brain? I think it’s debunked now…

BUT, I started wondering… what if we’re only using 10% of the love held in our heart?

What if we’re seriously so stuck in our heads that we’re underusing the love that’s available to us all the time?

I genuinely believe our heart is an ever expanding field of love… and yet so much of the time we can feel disconnected from it ourselves, let alone sharing the love we have inside with the world around us…

Imagine if we could allow ourselves to step into our heart more of the time?

To listen and feel it’s guidance more and more strongly?

Imagine what would be possible for us to allow that flow of love to expand out from us and into world more broadly?

Isn’t it time we looked for ways to be the love we ARE more of the time?

Not to give it away and deplete ourselves - but to share it.

To tap into the universal love emanating from us all.

Imagine if we all were willing to allow this flow of love to expand around & beyond us?

How different would this world be?

Just an inspired idea to play with perhaps as you go about your day!

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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