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Spiritual CEOs lead from a place of LOVE and service rather than fear.

When you focus on a strong connection with your inner wisdom and spirit as your guide in life and business, you'll be able to contribute in powerful ways in the world.

As you focus on a cause that is greater than yourself, you'll have ready access to the loving connection and source of solutions which flows between us all.

You'll also bring loving kindness towards yourself and others.

How to do this?

Let go of the fears which prevent you feeling the love. Whenever you're feeling troubled, defensive or worried, ask your inner wisdom for guidance on what LOVE would look like in this situation.

This doesn’t mean doing what you think others ‘want’, or solely what we ‘want’, but rather following your inner wisdom and guidance as it leads you to what is in the highest good for ALL.

It’s the side of us that steps away from our own ego, self-interest or desire to please, and into a place where we can genuinely serve the world. It’s this connection with this higher being within us which helps us lead ourselves through any resistance or egocentricity which still stands in our way.

When we share love in our actions, we experience love as well. It’s a win-win for all.

Love extends out from us instead of being something we hold back or keep for ourselves.

Would you love to live and operate more from your heart and this place of LOVE in your business and life?

I’ve created the Spiritual CEO coaching program to support you to lead from this space of love in all areas of your life, including your business.

I’d LOVE you to join me for this program!

Let’s take this Spiritual CEO journey together!

(Note: Just a few days left at the current offer, which closes 10/10/2021).

Click the Spiritual CEO link in my BIO to learn more or to book your place in this program!

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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