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How to Stop Controlling and Start Receiving In Your Business

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Think you're pushing and pulling or 'hustling' too much in your business? Or are you dreaming of receiving more abundance into your business and life?

The most powerful thing you can do is to start with awareness.

Ask yourself:

How am I feeling? What does control feel like in my life? How will I recognise when it's happening?

Perhaps you feel edgy?

Or you have an urgency to move that is driven by fear of what might happen if you don’t?

Or you experience yourself as overwhelmed with a sense of having too much to do and 'work' as opposed to being called by pleasure and desire.

Knowing your own inner signals and teasing them out so you are clear on whether you're following 'hustle' energy or desire is key here.

Then simply DECIDE to be led by your spirit.

Do you want to follow a spiritual path in your business?

Or do you want to try to figure it out on your own in amidst the noise of the world?

The two paths will feel very different to you.

One will involve lots of action and doing and pushing.

The other will involve lots of listening, inviting, trusting and following the desires of your heart.

If you want to stop controlling and start receiving you need to allow space for things to flow in.

It's not about the effort you put in, it’s about aligning with the callings of your heart and what feels like the next step and then the next.

If something feels ‘icky’ then the energy you put out will be off and people will feel it. It puts you into control mode and well out of receiving mode.

Choose instead to give everything space and time.

There's nothing that will put off a funky energy more than urgency. Trying to make things happen more quickly… or even pleading with your inner wisdom to deliver something, moves you out of trust and into lack and fear.

This 'lack' and 'fear' energy will in turn cause you to fall out of alignment with what you want in your heart. Because you believe you have to do something to make it happen instead of trusting it’s already done. It’s already on its’ way to you.

Finally, it can be helpful to connect with what's leading you to feel like you're not receiving anyway? Because you always are.

You're surrounded by the flow of abundance all the time if you'll choose to notice the flow occurring and accept it in.

Are you keen to create more abundance, flow and receiving energy into your business and life?

If so, I've created an incredible FREE PDF for you! The Spiritual CEO is designed to help you lead with your spirit and create the outcomes you dream of in your business and life. Click here to download the PDF now.

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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