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How to improve your wellbeing & create inspiring results in your life

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Often we think that prioritising our wellbeing means that something else drops down the list. Especially in business or leadership where our deep passion for our work can take over at times.

I can speak to this directly myself!!

I love being fit and healthy. I love getting enough sleep and looking after my body. AND I LOVE spending time with my family and diving into work as well.

So the juggle is REAL.

I sometimes find myself thinking, ‘if I go for a walk or spend time journaling, I’ll not get enough work done before my son gets home’. And naturally these thoughts put me off choosing to spend time and energy cultivating my wellbeing even though it’s exactly what I need to be doing.

I feel that inner tussle between doing what I need to do to look after my own health and wellbeing and to make a difference to others through my work and family life.

But the funny thing is that these beliefs are founded on flawed assumptions. Particularly, the assumption you can make a difference and contribute positively in the lives of others without prioritising your own wellbeing first. In truth, we all know, this just doesn’t make sense.

If you don’t have your health, you’re not able to physically serve to the level you dream of.

If you’re struggling with your energy or mental health, you’ll find it difficult to show up and be a support to those you dream of working with.

If you’re not getting adequate rest, you’ll wake up exhausted and low energy, which will affect the way you perceive and approach things and your ability to innovate and create from that inspired place within you.

Each of these pieces however small on their own, contribute A LOT when you dream of showing up and serving the world powerfully in incredible ways.

I know you’re not dreaming small or you wouldn’t be reading this.

You’re here to show up, serve and lead in the world. So to do this, you need to be thinking about YOU. What you need, what resources you have WITHIN you and how important the YOU piece really is.

Your energy, your ability to attract your dream clients, your inspiration and your performance as the leader of your life and business all begin with YOU – your wellbeing, your resilience, your energy and most importantly, your connection with your inner wisdom.

You can only improve your wellbeing by choosing to make it a priority – not relegating it to a place low down on the list (or perhaps leaving it off altogether).

Naturally, you’re going to be operating as your higher self more often when you prioritise your wellbeing and spend time cultivating a loving, nurturing relationship and connection with yourself.

So are you ready to prioritise your wellbeing, so you can create inspiring results in your business and life?

Here’s a tip to help you make some BIG changes fast.

Start by grabbing a pen & paper and setting yourself a timer for 10 – 15 minutes. Here’s some brief space and time to journal on how you’d like to be approaching things over the coming month.

Ask yourself; What would you love to be doing? AND How would you be operating if you were stepping into the highest version of you?

Then just start free writing until the timer goes off. Have fun with this and allow anything to be possible so you can really enjoy creating your dream vision of the month ahead.

Once you’ve explored all the possibilities of what your month could look and feel like, next write yourself a list of how you’d like to prioritise and reprioritise things so you can LIVE this dream.

Once you get clear on the vision, the feelings you want to experience and freely dreaming of how you’d like things to be, the rest will be much easier to put into place.

Have fun! I have a feeling spending this small amount of time prioritising yourself right here and now, will pay off in far bigger ways than you’d even imagined!

Want a little more help to navigate some of the inner barriers which might be standing in your way of re-prioritising?

Download my FREE Coach Yourself to Clarity PDF here >>

This is one of my all-time favourite downloads so I’m sure you’re going to LOVE this!

Have a beautiful week!

All my love,

Em xo

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