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How to Follow Your Intuition in Business

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It's so important to follow your intuition as you lead your business, because well let's face it, the business world is a noisy one. There are so many layers of advice and guidance out there that it can be overwhelming to decide what path to take at times.

So how do you KNOW what advice is right for you?

You tune in to your inner wisdom and invite it to help and guide you. But to do that you need to be really specific and intentional about the kind of advice you're looking for.

Are you looking for help to grow your business and reach more people?

To make a bigger impact?

To find the 'right' client's or more client's?

To generate more cashflow?

Or to help you move any fear and doubt standing in your way so you can share your message more powerfully with the world?

Being clear on what you're looking for help on first will enable your inner wisdom and intuition to speak to you.

Next you check in with your intuition regularly!

If you want a fit and healthy body, you engage a fitness routine. Connection with your intuition is the same.

Practice connecting and communicating with your inner wisdom regularly, preferably daily. Allow yourself space and quiet time just for this in your daily routine.

Start by doing things that make you feel inspired and energised. You want to feel energetically as good as possible. Make sure you mix things up with your routine often so it doesn't become boring or just another 'to do' item on your list.

Then set aside time for your communication with your inner wisdom to happen - such as journaling, meditation or prayer. Then listen.

The answers and guidance may not come forth for you during the allotted time... that's okay. It will come through at a later time when you are fully present and having fun in the moment.

And it's likely to surprise you.

It may wake you with a start in the middle of the night - which is when most of the lightbulb moments happen for me. Haha.

It could also be something you see or hear at the exact right moment. And you'll know when you receive it because you'll feel it.

You'll feel, YES!!! This is THE path for me. You'll trust it irrespective of the noise of the world around you.

Your intuition is serving you in your business and life always. You just need to decide to tune in and listen to it.

Are you ready to tune in more deeply to your intuition as you lead your business too?

I've created an incredible FREE PDF for you: The Spiritual CEO which you can download now in my BIO.

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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