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How can I run my business from my heart?

This is a real dilemma. Because our hearts sometimes feel like they’re jumping around. But the ‘rules’ are not found in your heart. The heart is simply reflecting how you feel about the rules you carry in your head.

Your heart is simply sending you a signal that something you are telling yourself or believing about the world doesn’t feel like a good fit.

And it’s not the external stuff that’s the problem. It’s the way we talk to ourselves about it.

It’s our beliefs about how things ‘should’ be that stand in the way.

Our mind can align with our heart when we allow it space for anything to be possible. Instead of the limited options it normally considers to be available to us.

When we let go of our assumptions and expectations so we can instead explore the possibilities, the ‘solutions’ emerge from this space. From this alignment and this trust that when we let go of our own efforts to ‘fix’ things, the answers we need will simply emerge.

Em 💛 xo

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