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From 'stuck' in your business to clear, confident and inspired!

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Create, Lead Live. I'm Emily Wilks and I'm really excited for you to join me today.

Today, I'm going to be talking about moving from feeling stuck and lost in your business (and your life) into feeling clear, confident and inspired.

The reason I want to chat to you about this today is because I've had a number of people come into my world recently, who have been speaking about this. Coaches, leaders & entrepreneurs who've been feeling lost, feeling, unsure, where to go next, lacking clarity around the direction that they're going in their life and in their business, experiencing self doubt or questioning themselves, and ultimately just really wanting to find the 'right' next steps in order to create their dream business and life

When it comes to this way of experiencing our lives and our business, we can find ourselves stuck there sometimes for a long time. Sometimes days, weeks and sometimes even months, and years.

So today I want to share a tool with you that can help you move this feeling really, really fast. It's my free clarity journal, which I created for myself six years ago now. I was about six months into my business at the time. I took a little break away with my family for a couple of weeks.

When I arrived for the break, I was at the point of burnout. I'd been working really solidly for a few months on my business and was feeling a little bit stuck. I wasn't creating the kind of impact or success that I dreamed of in my business. And I was a bit lost and unsure where to go next.

So when I arrived for this holiday, with my family up north of Australia, up on the beach, I was really ready to clear some of the stuff that had accumulated over that time, to find a way through and to problem solve and find solutions to some of the barriers that I was facing at that point.

I'll never forget the creation process. I went for a drive with my family and my dad was dropping off his computer at the repair shop after they had had a spill on their computer.

While he was in the shop, getting some help and support with the computer, I was just sitting in the car. And I can remember just picking up my phone whilst feeling really stuck and thinking 'how do I shift some of this negative stagnant energy and the disconnection I was feeling in my business? As well as the sense of heaviness?'

I took out my phone and started to write some questions in the notes. (I often use my notes in my phone to just flesh out ideas and thoughts. I use it for my business, whenever I've got inspired ideas, content, thoughts flowing, I just write it in the notes in my phone). So on this day, I just started writing. And a series of questions started coming through. The coach in me started asking questions of myself.

I wrote out the questions without answering any of them. And when I came to the end, I had a template I could use any time to journal through the 'stuckness', doubt, fears or worries, or feelings of being lost or disconnected. During this holiday period, I used the template over and over.

A block or a barrier would come up, or a feeling of 'stuckness'. And I would just sit down and go through the questions. And it would help me release anything that was getting in my way. It would help me to release doubt. It would help me to release worry, fear, uncertainty, and would enable me to clear the path to my dream. I would start to unearth, the dream that lay underneath all these fears and doubts and worries. And I would become more connected to that dream or that vision, that purpose that I had, that mission in the world.

Not only would I find clarity and move closer to that vision I had, but I would also start to develop a plan around it. I would have like a clear path. I'd know exactly what to do next. I'd start to have inspired ideas through this journaling process that would enable me to actually turn the dream that I had or that vision that I had into my reality. And not to wait for it to happen but to be able to do it right now. To actually start to take steps towards it right now and see it unfold in my here and now reality.

So this two week trip away became like this magical time in my life that I remember very vividly and very fondly, because it enabled me to clear a lot of stuff that had accumulated over a number of months, and to really get some traction and momentum going and some inspired progress happening in my business and in my life as well.

The feelings I experienced as a result of the journaling were lightness and a sense of being really free. A sense of just being a whole new woman, ultimately, moving from that place of being burnt out and heavy, to feeling light and excited about the road ahead.

I used the journal myself for maybe one or two years before I actually shared it with anyone. I have a template in my phone and I still use it to this day, regularly, a number of times a week.

I used it so often that I realised this is an incredible tool that I really needed to share with others and I began to share it. And now I'm sharing it with you too.

I call it the Clarity Journal. And it's just such a simple tool.

It's different than normal journaling, where you start to just journal on what's happening or what's coming up and what you're experiencing. There isn't that same structure to standard journaling.

When you journal normally, you can find yourself going around in circles, you can find yourself cycling around and round. You may receive some enlightenment, wisdom or a flow of thoughts that happens. But sometimes you go back down a rabbit warren, and you end up back in overthinking or back in a sense of stuckness. You may get some threads of ideas that are really useful and helpful for you. But without the structure to it that leads you from the A to B, you can find yourself going around in circles. And you can do that over and over for months and months and even years at times.

The structure of the clarity journal takes you from A to B.

It doesn't allow you to get stuck going around and around or getting some ideas but ultimately staying there. This process helps you to move from stuck and feeling that all over the place to feeling light, free and inspired. And with a plan of action to take when you finish with the journal. You'll come away with a plan of action to move forward with.

It uses a very structured process to take you to that inspired, enlightened and action oriented place. It's a truly amazing tool.

I'll put the link in the show notes for this podcast and video. Just click on the video and you'll see the notes underneath.

Just click on the link and you you'll go straight to a page where you'll be able to download the freebie right there.

Inside you'll be able to access a PDF. You can print out the PDF, have it to hand any time you need it and use it as a written journal. When you let it all out, you'll find when you come to the end, you'll have this amazing, incredible plan to work from. You'll not only feel amazing, you'll also know exactly where to go next.

You'll also receive a text version of the journal, which you can just cut and paste it into the notes on your phone. So it's with you wherever you go. Anytime you need it on the run any moment that you need it, you've got it accessible to you there.

It includes the headings or each of the questions, then under each question, you start journaling, your responses. Journaling what's coming up for you, journaling the responses you have to those specific questions and working through it until you get to the end - at which point you'll know exactly what to do next.

You'll have that powerful connection with your inner wisdom, inner guidance and inner knowing that's available to you and you'll be able to confidently move forward.

So you'll have the PDF that you can access, and also the text document that you can put straight into the notes of your phone that you can use anytime.

I honestly believe this is just such a powerful tool tool that you can use for anything. You can use it in your business, you can use it in your life, you can use it for your health, for your well being, you can use it to problem solve any problem or challenge that's coming up - relational or any kind of leadership challenge that's coming up - that you're uncertain about or feeling a bit stuck, or indecisive and unsure of the path forward.

This tool can help you get clear, help you to be decisive, help you to find 'the' path (out of the many paths that are available to you).

I hope that you find this tool really useful and impactful in your life and your business. You can download it now. Just click on the link here! You don't even have to wait for the email to arrive, because the minute that you click the download button, it will take you straight to the webpage where you can access the journal.

I hope you find this amazingly useful. I can't wait to hear what your experience of using this tool really is. I believe it's absolutely life changing and business changing. And I just know you're going to love it!

Thank you so much for joining me! Leave a comment or a 'like & just let me know how you experienced this. And that how you found using the journal once you put it into practice. I just know you're going to find it. AMAZING.

Thank you again for joining me. Until next time, take care!

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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