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Draw On Confidence and Self-Compassion

Want to follow your heart and stand out from the crowd, so you can and attract those dream clients you know you’re here to serve?


Spiritual CEO's trust and believe in themselves.

That’s not to say they don’t have their wobbles. Of course they do. We all do.

But the foundation of all they do rests on their desire to be kind to themselves and to trust their inner guidance and wisdom.

They ALSO acknowledge their humanness!

This is a big one!

When we expect more of ourselves than is necessary or reasonable, we burn ourselves out, we overthink everything, we hold back, we operate from fear instead of the love that we are at our core.

When we treat ourselves with kindness, gentleness and love, this self-compassion enables us to approach our business, our lives and our work with our clients’ in open minded and flexible ways.

We are able to reflect and adapt and look for new, innovative and better ways of doing things without beating ourselves up or becoming defensive along the way.

When you’re open minded and flexible about alternative ways of perceiving and doing things, you can truly bring a lens of love to all you do because you accept that you ARE love.

How to do this?

Remind yourself you have all you need within you.

Journal on those challenging times where you drew on your inner resilience and wisdom to come out all the better for it.

There will be tonnes of examples of these already in your life.

All you need to do is recall a challenging time and start reflecting on how you got through it and the inner strengths and guidance that helped you to make your way through - often all the better for it!

Do you practice self-compassion and kindness too?

Would you love some help to really intergrate this principle into your business and life?

The Spiritual CEO program is designed to help you access your inner confidence, trust yourself more and treat yourself with greater kindness and love.

I help people connect with these awe inspiring parts of themselves every day!

If you’d love to create more self-kindness in your business and life, send me an email here and let’s have a chat.

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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