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'Doing' is not the same thing as creating

Almost all my client's come to me experiencing an inner pull towards 'hustle'. And I reassure them they're not alone.

We've all been indoctrinated to believe that to achieve more, we have to work more.

But this is completely upside down thinking. Especially if you're in a helping or service based industry, like coaching.

You can't support your clients without first lifting yourself up.

You won't feel inspired (or inspire others), if all you do is work and hustle all the time.

Yes, there can be the thrill of the effort, the kick you get out of checking things off your list.

But 'doing' is not the same as creating.

And I KNOW you want to create.

You want to see the dreams you have unfold in your REALITY.

You don't want to spend your days 'doing'. It's just the way we've been taught to create.

Creating comes first from clarity. It comes from knowing WHAT you want to create.

It comes from energy. From the energy of desire, joy and appreciation. Of knowing that YOU can create EXACTLY what you desire any time you choose.

And then the inspiration that flows from this energetic state. The LOVE.

The miraculous solutions which occur to you at the exact right moment.

The chance happenings which open doors for you.

The openness to receiving all you need, that develops when you when you allow yourself to operate from limitless thinking...

All of this flows from connecting with yourself. From letting the barriers drop away. From allowing the free flow of love to expand and flow from within you.

You are LOVE. You've just forgotten with all the 'rules' getting in the way.

When you let them drop. When you let the love within you be. When you follow your heart and honour yourself. Not just in one area of your life. But across the breadth of your life holistically. You will have more to GIVE.

You will have more to SHARE.

You will have more energy to expand.

You will stop trying. And you will start BEING.

You will remember that you have everything you need already. The rest is just icing on the cake.

When you give yourself the world. The world will reflect all this LOVE and more right back at you.

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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