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Diary of A Spiritual CEO! - 20/09/21

Want to know a little more about me AND follow along the behind the scenes of a Spiritual CEO?

Well, here it is! Some snapshots from my Spiritual CEO diary!


As you know I’ve been creating a FREE workshop recently - Shine Online - which is all about connecting with who we are at our core & leading our business from our spirit, so we can confidently shine our unique light out into the world AND attract our dream clients along the way!

More on that soon…

Anyway, as I’ve been working on this program for you, I’ve been checking in with my intuition about how I can lean even more into this approach in my own business….

The other night I woke up with a flash of inspiration (which is frequently the way I receive inner guidance). Diary of a Spiritual CEO!!!

I instantly realised I need to share more about my journey as a spiritual entrepreneur, the behind the scenes, reflections flowing from my client work and the kinds of tools and techniques I use along the way to help me lead my business in a spiritually aligned way…

So this is my first entry!

I’ve also realised I need to make my website the central hub of everything too. Social is just going to be a little taster with all the juicy stuff here on my blog!

So keep an eye out for these posts, if leading from your spirit, the behind the scenes side of things and learning more about me and my business is of interest to you. 😊

For me, this process of sharing more of me and what I stand for, represents shining my light in the world in a bigger way.

Being more courageous with what I share and how I share, and in so doing connecting more deeply with other like minded women along the way. Women walking their own spiritual pathway to making the difference and creating the impact they desire in the world.

I hope you get heaps of value from these as I get into the swing of it.

On a Spiritual CEO note. This last few days has been very interesting! As we headed out of the weekend, I found out we’re back in lockdown again. 😩

So I’m back to toddler wrangling alongside work this week… 🤦‍♀️

On the work front, in spite of my huge excitement about my free workshop Shine Online, I’ve had only a small number sign up so far so I’ve been re-evaluating the path forward with this.

Do I think this training is worthwhile? Absolutely.

Why do I think few people have signed up? I just need to tweak the copy just a little to convey the true VALUE of this program.

So that’s my task for this week alongside my client work and fun with Jack. 😆

To gain a little more traction and give myself time to tweak things, I’m going to slow the process down a little, and reschedule the program for 30/09/2021 instead!

I might even pop an ad on IG as well to make sure any amazing ladies out there looking for THIS don’t miss it!

Is this you?

If yes, click the link below to learn more and sign up for the session.

I can’t wait to see you there!

Em 💛 xo

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