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Attract Dream Client's into Your Business with Ease!

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of Create Lead Live! I'm Emily Wilks. And I'm so excited that you've been able to join me for today's session.

Today, I'm going to be talking to you about attracting your dream clients with ease and serving them in a really powerful, incredible way.

The reason I want to talk to you about this is because, as business owners, as coaches, as entrepreneurs in any field, one of the number one things we're all trying to create in our business is that flow of clients and the flow of capacity within the work we're doing, to truly make that difference in the world that we're here to make.

Attracting clients isn't just about making money. It isn't just about having a successful business. It's usually something you pursue because you've got a reason, a dream, or drive within you to truly make a difference in the world.

And it's very difficult to do that if you don't have clients coming into your business.

If you don't have clients coming into your world.

If you don't have people that are flowing in and paying attention to what you're here to share.

One of the things we do sometimes is to focus on the 'wrong' things - that aren't necessarily moving the needle.

And we find ourselves stuck and frustrated and feeling as though we're having a really hard time getting momentum in creating the dream outcome we're looking for. And the reason for this is because, often, we're focused on the strategy, we're focused on the 'how to' and we draw conclusions within our own minds about why things aren't working the way we dream that they might work. Then we start to look outside ourselves for the answers, ideas, strategies and solutions that will enable us to create that outcome we desire.

One of the last things that we do, even if we are spiritually minded people, (or we believe in the law of attraction, or the energetics of attraction) one of the last things we tend to do is to tap into the energetic aspect of everything that we're doing.

So when we start doing things, we start thinking about, well, what's my audience looking like? Like, how big is my audience? How engaged is my audience? How good is my content? How attractive is my content? How magnetic is it? In the the practical sense. Is it actually getting likes? Is it getting 'follows'? Is it engaging people in terms of the data and the momentum behind those likes and follows and comments.

Or we start to look at how many hits we're getting on our webpage or our on our sales page. And those sorts of markers. We tend to focus on the marketing that we're doing, the copy we're writing, and all the practical strategies.

We start to tweak our website, we tweak our copy, we tweak our messaging, we play around with things in the hope that those practical things that we're doing every day are going to make a difference to attracting those dream clients into our world.

But we forget that really, there's an energetic flow, which is happening, at a far deeper level than the practical strategies.

So you can do all the practical things you want. And you can play and tweak things all you want. But if your energy isn't aligning with the energetic flow of your dream clients, then they're not necessarily going to find you. They're not going to necessarily stumble on what you're sharing.

And when they do stumble on it, they're not necessarily going to connect with it, they're not going to feel the energy flowing behind everything that you do.

What really enables this energy flow is something far deeper and far more powerful than the practical things that you're doing. And this depth and this power is about the love flow that happens between you and everything else in the universe.

The love flow that is who you ARE, is connecting you to everyone else and everything else in the universe. And this is really powerful in helping you connect with those people that you are meant to be serving and creating and sharing content and value specifically for them.

You are connected to them by the thread of love. You connected even when you're not feeling it, even when they're not necessarily feeling it themselves.

But the loving connection is there. It's like a destiny between you that's 'meant to be'.

The people that are meant to be in your world are just waiting for you to align with the flow of love to share.

The magic that's flowing from that loving place within you - that trusting, confident, safe and free place within you - so they can feel it so that they can pick up on that energy. So they can resonate with it.

So when you share freely from your heart, that love that is within you, the words that align with that love that you're wanting to expand out into the world, that magic that you have for them...

When you start to let it out, when you start to step into that loving flow of who you are and the magic that's within you - other people will start to feel that energy, they start to connect with it, they start to stumble more clearly and confidently onto whatever it is that you've created for them.

They start to hear the message. And feel that it was the exact message they needed to hear.

It may only be one person. One person in your community who really needs to hear some magic from you right now. They need you to step into that flow, and unleash who you are. To unleash that message unbounded by what you think you 'should' be sharing so you can freely be who you are.

To freely say, whatever's flowing through you, in a magical, incredible, beautiful way that's going to land for them. That's going to land powerfully. That's going to contain the message that they absolutely need to hear in the moment they stumble on it.

And so, I want you to really be thinking about letting go of all of the fears, the doubts, the rules, the expectations, the things that stop you from showing up. The feeling that you have to have the 'perfect message', that you have to have the 'exact right words', that you have to know 'exactly' what your audience needs to hear from you before you show up and share it.

And then step into that space of love and trust in the connection you share with the universe that will guide you in saying what needs to be said. In trusting that energy flow that knows far more than you do - that's connected to that universal wisdom that you don't have - that dreams of that connection flowing between you freely.

And so, I really want you to 'think' less, and 'trust' more to step into who you are. To step into the love within you and have faith in it, to follow it. No matter where it might lead you. No matter how scary it might be.

To really just flow with it. To lean into it and to follow it.

So I hope this week's Create Lead Live podcast has been helpful for you! That this message, as unscripted as it was, was just what you needed to hear today.

And I hope it leads you off powerfully in a direction that aligns with your heart and your spirit. And that aligns with the message your audience most need to hear from you right now and that they will most connect with right now.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. I hope that it's been helpful.

Please leave a message or a 'like' or comment - anything to just let me know how this landed for you.

I will look forward to speaking with you again very soon.

Until then, take care. Bye!

Em xo

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