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Are you an empath like me?

Are you an empath like me?

Some days as a coach can be challenging, because I care so much about my clients, the way they’re feeling and the outcomes they’re getting.

But we’re all human. We have up days and down days and everything in between.

We’re not superhuman, although you could be mistaken otherwise for thinking so sometimes in the world of SM. 😆

The thing is we do what we do BECAUSE we care about others.

Because we want to help people pursue their desires and overcome the stuff that’s hard in their lives.

But we can’t do that without being willing to brave some tough stuff. And the tough stuff comes up regularly. For ourselves and our clients too.

Sure, part of us would love to live a happy and blissful life continuously... But we know the reality is rarely (if ever) this glossy.

You can’t know joy without also knowing the contrast of the challenges, the fear, the stress, the overwhelm and the self-doubt.

All these feelings are perfectly healthy and valuable to us.

They tell us what we need to know about what’s working for us, what’s blocking us and what’s simply not a good fit.

It helps us find our pathway forward.

It helps us grow.

And it helps us slow down when we need to, to nurture ourselves.

As a coach we need to take time out to look after ourselves so we can be a source of presence and peace for others experiencing the full range of emotions on their journey too.

We can only be this presence when we’re able to sit with our own difficult stuff. Otherwise the temptation will be to push this stuff away, to pass it off as ‘resistance’ or to try to Pollyanna people into viewing life in a different way because it’s more comfortable for us….

People need to feel what they feel. And so do we.

It’s okay.

Sometimes we just need someone to just give us a (virtual) hug, say, it’s okay to feel what you feel. And to love us and support us as we navigate the hard times.

And then come out the other side all the better for it.

Lots of love,

Em 💛 xo

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