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All the strategy in the world will not overcome an energetic mismatch

If an offer that worked for you in the past, is no longer working, I want you to get honest with yourself and ask ‘why’? It’s not because of your strategy - but because the energy around the offer is off. It wasn’t. But now it is. It feels this way (and others will feel it too) because you’re ready to share an uplevelled and expansive offering. But you’ve been holding back. Resisting. You’re (for the moment) sticking with what feels tried and true. And… safe. Yet every part of you is calling you to up level. Because you’re READY. And your beautiful people are ready too. When there’s an energetic mismatch, we will feel it often before you do. You’ve dipped your toe in the water of expansive. You’ve tasted the sweetness of up levelling but you can’t stop there. You need to trust your new level, trust yourself to navigate the unknown, brace yourself for the ride of your life and then go ALL IN!! This is not about burning it all down. It’s about being willing to take all you’ve created before and expand it BEYOND the limited mind that created it, into something magical, that makes your heart sing and turns the dial up on your magnetism. Playing it safe is not magnetic. Isn’t stepping fully into the woman you now know you ARE worth the little extra stretch? A magical rebrand? A few energetic tweaks? So you can serve and offer the world your new, more expanded and powerful level of being? Don’t be afraid to do a little decluttering, to let go of the things you’ve outgrown (even if that’s offers…or clients) and embrace and trust the growth that’s calling you. Your soul is calling you towards a more limitless version of you. The people you desire to work with are waiting for you to LEAD from this full, magical, up levelled & expanded YOU. So are you ready? 🤗💛 Lots of love, Em xo

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