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There is no one RIGHT way. There is YOUR way.

Do you ever feel lost and unsure where to go next?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all you’re feeling, thinking and doing and just plain stuck not knowing the next step to take on your journey?

Perhaps things have taken a swift turn in a new and unexpected direction that’s thrown you.

Perhaps you felt safe in a certain situation and then you suddenly don’t.

How do you navigate this? What do you do? What is your guidepost on the path forward that helps you find your way again?

How do you know when something is ‘right' or something is ‘wrong'?

What do you draw on to find these answers for you?

Do you dream? Do you reflect? Do you think? Do you learn?

Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you run?

What are the paths forward for you?

It’s different for all of us. There is no one RIGHT way. There is YOUR way.

But do you know what that is for you? Or do you meander through all the emotion coming up and allow the answers to just eventually find their way to you?

Do you have strategies to care for yourself while all this is happening? Or do you run and hide and hope no-one will find you?

Or do you find ways to spend more time with yourself? To connect with your heart.

To find the peace in your heart which has been there all along - underneath it all.

When you hear this voice inside - do you recognise it? Or do you doubt and wonder and second guess your every second breath?

I hear you. I see you. I feel you.

We’ve all been there. This is us. This is me.

But you’re not alone. We’re in this thing called life together. You and me.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself - Who ARE you? In this situation. Who do you WANT to be?

What does ‘YOU' look like here? Not the ‘YOU' you have been, but the 'YOU' you want to be?

And what are you bringing on the journey? Are you bringing your love? Your fear? Your judgement? Your peace? Your calmness? Your centredness? Or something else….

What’s it going to be? Because who you ARE is what will flow back to you. Once you let it out, nothing can stop it.

So choose carefully.

Em x


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