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How do you get yourself out of a stuck position… or a rut? Getting ‘stuck' is nothing to be ashamed of. We all find ourselves here from time to time. It’s a human condition. We’re designed to seek out the familiar and the comfortable and rest there for a while. But sometimes when we stay there a little too long we can start to feel very stuck and unsure how to move out of where we are and forward to where we want to be. Let me explain… Now, I don’t know about you but sometimes on a Friday afternoon, at the end of the working week, is when I’m most raring to go. I’m in the zone, inspired and creating like a genius and then have to somehow switch it all off again to take a little break over the weekend. Sometimes I have to do a bit of mindset work to make that transition because my head is abuzz and excited by all that lays ahead for my service and the work I’m doing… I have to consciously shift gears to be present in my life and with my family. And sometimes that’s not easy - even though I LOVE the weekend. Do you ever feel like this too? Unfortunately though, when this transition doesn’t happen easily or smoothly we find ourselves stuck in one world or another. We can stay stuck a few days, or a few weeks or even months and years. I sometimes work with people who have been doing the same things in their lives and careers for a long time. So long sometimes they have lost sight of where they were going with it all in the first place… Their mind has become so removed from all they had in mind they’ve become stuck in the ‘meantime' instead of working from a place of alignment with their longer term and bigger picture goals for themselves. The thing is we can analyse the stuckness until the cows come home…. but the power is not in analysing where we are and how… its in reminding ourselves where we want to be and the journey we are on to get there. Finding this path can be a lot of work…. it can be a lot of work just to transition our minds from one week to the next. Imagine how hard this transition is for us when we’ve been disconnected from our hopes and dreams for a long time… So how do you get yourself out of this and into a place of feeling inspired and clear again? Well, strange as it may sound, theres a lot of power in the questions we ask ourselves. Questions are intentional. They break up the monotony of the chatter in our mind and help us channel and focus our thoughts on where we want to go and gain clarity on what that looks like. Whenever I’m stuck I always sit down and write out some powerful questions for myself. I’ll ask myself: 🌟If anything were possible for you in this situation what would you be doing? 🌟What difference would you be making? 🌟For whom? 🌟What would be the result? 🌟What are the things which excite you? 🌟What are the things which frighten you? 🌟If you were living your highest vision of yourself here, who would you be? And these are just to name a few… When you seek out these (and many other powerful questions) and sit down to explore them, all kinds of miraculous and inspirational ideas will occur to you. You will realise what’s been holding you back and what you need to do about it. You will know exactly what feels good and what doesn’t. You’ll know why something has NOT been feeling good... and you’ll know what that lost feeling has been all about. Such is the power of a question. And such is the power of coaching. You can ask yourself powerful questions AND you can also coach yourself. I coach myself every. single. day. without fail. Now a word of caution - this is not the going around and round analysis that can sometimes happen (I think we’re all guilty of this sometimes too). Don’t get confused with that. Going around and around IS the stuckness. We are not trying to cultivate more of that. What we are trying to create here is freedom, movement, intention and momentum. And RELEASE from the things which had you stuck before, through finding CLARITY. What you want, what you don’t, what will feel good and how you can start to make your way towards the things which bring greater joy and meaning to you. If you’re feeling stuck, or unsure or uncertain, there are a few paths forward which will help you get unstuck. But most of these will hinge on asking yourself some powerful questions and seeing what comes up for you. So are you willing to give this approach a go? If you’re looking for ideas which will help you move from stuckness and uncertainty to freedom, joy and clarity there are a few paths you can take. Here are some ideas below which may be helpful. 1. Have a go on your own - you can download my FREE self-coaching activity here: to work through some powerful questions and get you thinking about the kinds of questions which will be most helpful for you. 2. You can seek help from someone who’s able to be a sounding board for you, a friend, colleague, leader or a coach like myself. 3. If you’re really struggling and feeling low, therapy may be of assistance - speak to your GP who may be able to refer to a suitable psychologist or therapist who can assist you. Get in touch if you’d like more personalised support - I’m happy to assist in connecting you with the right supports. I also have a range of workshops, resources and coaching programs designed to help you get unstuck and moving forward towards your goals. I’d love to hear from you. Em 💛

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