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A Challenging Thinking Activity

Today I've shared a particular strategy which you can use to to retrain your brain to think in more positive ways called a Challenging Thinking Activity. This is based on concepts from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Coaching.

Retraining your mind to think in more positive ways is important because, the way we think has a huge impact not just on our experience of the world around us but also the life we are trying to create for ourselves. If you are trying to create from a negative mindset you will notice more difficulties than if you are optimistic and looking for opportunities and ways of creating the experience you want to have.

When we get our thinking right, we feel more positive about life and in taking action. We find we unlock opportunities to have more positive experiences. We open doors to ourselves by being more proactive, open minded, flexible and by looking for the possibilities.

For more check out the video.

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The link to the activity can be found below:

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