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Free Your Mind and Be More Creative by Overcoming Procrastination!

Procrastination robs you of freedom and peace of mind because the thing you are procrastinating over doesn't go away. The energy it takes to hold it can really stifle your free thinking and creativity. It brings with it the 'have to's' instead of an openness to the possibilities. Often we are not 'inspired' to GET IT DONE but we are INSPIRED when we GET IT DONE!

Here are a couple of questions to ponder and respond to in the comments below:

o What weight can you lift off yourself in the next week or two?

o How much of a difference will it make for you?

o How will you feel when you get it done?

o What creative activity might you be able to pursue as a result?

Watch the video to help free your mind, be more creative and overcome procrastination.

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