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Who do you need to BE to achieve your goals this year?

Are you BEING the person you need to be to make the difference in the world you most want to make in the world?

Sometimes we drift along, being ourselves but not choosing ourselves consciously. This can lead to us feeling stuck, unmotivated, self-doubting or uncertain about the future. In this place we tend to just ACCEPT the way things are because we forget we have WITHIN us the power to change countless aspects of our lives and impact the world in incredible ways.

Too often this reality is overlooked. I read an article this morning that rejected the idea that people who are depressed may consider doing something fun to cheer themselves up – like going for a walk. The message behind the article was that if someone suggests you do something fun when you are feeling depressed, that they are not getting the point, that you are depressed and you don’t FEEL like doing anything fun.

So what is the point? That we just accept feeling sad, bored or miserable in our lives?

I’m all for being kind to ourselves and acknowledging how strong we already are rather than beating ourselves up when times are tough. But does that excuse us from ever needing to try different ways of living or choose to DO and BE something different?

How will we know what will work in life for us if we don’t test out some different ways of approaching things?

I sometimes come across people who have taught themselves to ACCEPT things around them even when they are not happy about it. Often they do this because they forget the influence they have in the world. They forget they are here to have fun and to make a difference to themselves and the people who mean the most to them. They forget that they have internal strength, resilience and persistence which can help them not just stand by and watch things which make them uncomfortable, but to ACTIVELY influence others and make a difference.

Sure you’re not necessarily going to try out different ways of being every day. But if you never try out new ways of approaching things, how will you ever know what amazing things are possible for you?

Attempting new ways of being doesn’t mean you have to take giant leaps into something uncomfortable. Sometimes it can be small things, like asking a question when something doesn’t sit right with you, or letting someone know what you think instead of holding it in or gossiping with people who have no power to change it.

Did you know that when you open up more, share more and are more authentic that people will connect with you more deeply?

Did you know that people will trust you more because they will know where they stand?

Did you know that you will feel more agency because you suddenly don’t have to just ACCEPT things any more?

You will feel empowered to change not only your world, but the world around you in incredible ways.

What new ways of BEING would you like to cultivate in your life? And if you dare to try, what difference will it make in your life and the life of others you care about? I’d love to know what new characteristics you’d like to try out in your own life!


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Em x

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