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Are you ready to make YOUR difference in the world?

Happy New Year! We’re back and excited to kick off a fabulous new year at GoGetEm Coaching.

What an exciting year 2018 promises to be! I wonder if you’re feeling as excited as me?

I’d love to know - what difference are you planning to make in 2018?

Are you planning to have a positive impact on others? Or to up-level your own life or the life of your family?

What are you excited, inspired and fired up about creating in your life in 2018?

If you are anything like me, figuring this out will take some time. It is often an area of constant reflection and revision. And that’s totally OKAY.

Just when you think you’ve got it all sorted, something pops up to challenge you and lead you to question, is this really the ‘right’ path for me? How can I refine things to feel better, fit better and to truly create a life and an impact in the world which is deeply MEANINGFUL to me?

In spite of what you may be telling yourself, this questioning and reflection is a GREAT thing!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with growing and refining your vision as you move forward. We all have to start somewhere and it’s is often in the DOING that the clarity flows through.

The main thing is to just EMBRACE any uncertainty and make a START with some basic ideas about where you are going and what will make a difference in your life (or the life of others) every day in 2018.

THEN you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, building on and refining this.

Each day you will take SMALL steps towards your vision. This is what will bring you joy, fulfilment and inspiration as you go. Living and creating your life every moment of every day. BIG leaps through small steps, every, single, day.

You will inevitably face challenges and setbacks which were unforeseen. We all do. These will test you and sometimes lead you to question yourself. BUT they will also help you refine over time what it is you most want to achieve. What your true mission is and what makes your heart SING.

It’s worth taking the time for this don’t you think?


If you’d love some tools to help you make your own unique difference in in the world, then there are two resources which may be of value to you.

Click here to access - Coach Yourself to Clarity: A FREE Self-Coaching Activity to hear what's in your heart so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

You might also love to hear more about Create Lead Live - our group coaching program designed to help you make your own unique difference in the world whilst having fun while you're at it. Click here to learn more about Create Lead Live.

Em x

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