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Is a tiny, doubting or nagging voice really going to stop you?

Do you ever wish you had the courage to really put yourself out there? To pursue your dreams and make the difference in the world you want to make?

I’m betting that in your heart you have the biggest, most wonderful dreams. Yet a part of you keeps standing in the way, holding you back. Telling you you can’t do it. Or that you’re crazy to try.

So what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to allow that doubting voice to win out over you? Over the things which matter most to you?

Is a tiny, doubting or nagging voice really going to stop you?

Cause the thing is, your dreams are more important aren’t they?

Aren’t they the things that drive your passion and purpose in life?

How will it sit with you if you end up doing nothing with these, merely because you’re too afraid to try?

How will you feel about letting these mental barriers stand in the way of what matters most to you in the world?

Being yourself.

Saying what you think.

Shaping the world you live in and making a difference to the people you care most about while you’re at it.

It’s just a thought after all. Yet sometimes ‘thought’ barriers are the most powerful.

You can be moving through life with not a physical or real life barrier in sight at all. Just a single, nagging voice in your head. ‘You’re not good enough’. ‘You’d be crazy to do it’.

Are you going to let the skipping record keep going? Or are you going to lift the needle and drop it down exactly where you want it to be, so it starts playing the tracks you want to hear, the thoughts you WANT on repeat, the story which supports your journey, rather than the one which is holding you back?

Because, honestly that is all that it takes.

A decision to change the track.

To carve out the NEW story, intentionally and deliberately.

The story you most want to live, without fear, without doubt, without worry. The story of you in your most powerful state.

Making the difference you want to make.

Finding the solutions you need.

Realising what you need to do to make it all happen.

And then living the life you dream of, confidently and assuredly until it becomes the new NORMAL in your life.

Not a ‘scary’ or ‘unknown’ state, but a new state where this is YOU.

Living life.

Loving it and stretching yourself ALWAYS to put yourself out there.

Pursuing your BIG dreams.

Sharing your truth and influencing.

And making the difference in the world you most want to make by reaching COURAGEOUSLY for your absolute highest state.



Make the difference you want to make in the world by stepping forward, trusting yourself and sharing your truth confidently.

Join us here:

Online Wed 17th May 2017. (Recording will also be available)

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