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Where there's a will, there's a way!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I know sometimes it’s hard to believe this – but deep down you know it’s true. We all do.

Even though sometimes you want to give up. Even though sometimes it feels like you’ve already tried everything and it just hasn’t worked. You don’t give up. Do you?

Sure, maybe a part of you wants to give up. Because it’s been a tough road, or an uncertain one, and it’s been hard to see the wood for the trees. But you STILL don’t give up. Because in your heart you know exactly what you want and need to do.

Perhaps the path itself is not entirely clear to you. You have a vision of where you are going. And there is no doubt in your mind about that. But you find yourself wondering over and again – how exactly will you get from A to B?

But you wouldn’t be on this path if you weren’t determined to figure it out. Some way. Some how. You WILL do this.

And though the path itself may be confusing, the end goal is still the same. You know what you are working towards. And you will, determined as you are, find your way.

We both know there’s no other choice for you – lets face it. Because you are not giving up that easily. Am I right?

The problem is sometimes we just get stuck on the how. We overthink things. We complicate things. We second guess ourselves. We keep changing course instead of trusting ourselves and sticking with our gut feeling. We want to see overnight success and have trouble believing perhaps the universe is working on it alongside us.

We get impatient because we think it all needs to come together now. And if it doesn’t somehow we’ve already failed.

But you know what? It doesn’t. And we haven’t. Good things rarely come together overnight. It takes time. It’s likely you’ll encounter detours, road blocks and sometimes even mountains as you tread your path. But even these won’t stop you. Because you can find your way over and around every single one – if you WANT to.

This is what it means to be committed. To develop the WILL to continue in spite of the obstacles and sometimes even BECAUSE of them. This is what it means to challenge yourself. To learn. To grow. And to find the way. Your way.

The important thing about this lesson is not that the journey to your destination is hard or uncertain. It’s that your WILL is the most important thing. If you have the desire. The commitment. And the mindset. The belief you WILL make this happen. The ‘how’ no longer really matters. You WILL keep going no matter what. You WILL do it because your heart and mind wants the same thing. You WILL do it because you know it’s ONLY a matter of time, a matter of trusting you will get there and of believing you CAN.

The journey is just as important as the destination. But not because the journey is all there is. Each step forward is part of the outcome itself. It is the outcome. It is the growth. It is the opportunity to learn more about yourself. To form new internal pathways to your destination. To create a stronger you. A more determined you. A more resilient you.

This is what the journey AND the destination is about. It’s about believing you can, treading the path itself (whatever that is for you) and day by day both being and becoming the person you need to be.


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Em x

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