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Part 6 – As you make a difference to more people, you’ll grow to reach new heights yourself.

14 REFLECTIONS FROM 2016 TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE AMAZING THINGS IN 2017: Part 6 – As you make a difference to more people, you’ll grow to reach new heights yourself. Making a difference to others is not an easy gig. Because it relies on you continually developing yourself. It’s not enough to share your ideas with others, you have to be willing to hear new ideas and grow alongside other people too. It’s sometimes said the teacher themselves needs to be the most willing student. Because there's nothing like teaching others, to help you realise what you have yet to learn yourself! The beauty of teaching, learning and sharing with others, is that your own growth is inevitable. As I put together every post, I reflect on what I’ve read, learned, experienced and what I believe, as well as what I’ve learned in my interactions with others. I’ve learned from other’s experiences, insights and feedback. I’ve learned from sharing ideas and getting clearer on what I really thought. I’ve learned from starting to practice myself exactly what I preached! I’ve learned that if I didn’t continue to learn along the way, I would have nothing to offer anybody. To offer value to people, I've needed to continue to learn the lessons people value most. I've needed to understand what deep down makes a difference to others as well as what makes a difference to myself. People sometimes believe they need to learn to do better by others, to think more of others and less of themselves. But the truth is it's actually the opposite. If you want to make a difference to others, you need to start treating yourself well. Just like putting on the air mask as it drops down in an emergency on the plane; you will only be able to make a difference to others when you first take care of yourself. From this place of self-love and compassion you will be able to care more, give more and grow more. You will also come to better understand how to assist others to do the same.

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