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Part 3 - Get clear and set specific, inspiring goals to create what you want.

14 REFLECTIONS FROM 2016 TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE AMAZING THINGS IN 2017: Part 3 - Get clear and set specific, inspiring goals to create what you want.

To create what you want, you first need to KNOW what you want.

However, this is often not as easy as you might think.

Because the thing is, you might have a vague notion, like wanting to ‘make a difference to others’. But if you've got no idea how exactly you want to achieve this, you're probably not going to get anywhere.

At least not until you figure it out more precisely.

So I challenge you to ask yourself the following questions about your goals in 2017 to help you get really clear.

✨Do I know where I’m going and why?

✨What do I want to be doing when I get there? What will life be like?

✨And what does this goal really mean to me?

✨How am I honestly feeling about my goals?

✨Do they get me fired up and excited to jump out of bed in the morning?

✨Or are they just an intellectual dot point on a piece of paper, which holds little emotional meaning?

Perhaps you thought, setting these goals was a ‘good idea’? Or maybe you just thought these goals ‘should’ be the next ones you work towards because they seem like the next logical progression or step.

Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but if it doesn't move you emotionally, you're unlikely to commit and do what it takes to make it a reality.

The clearer your goals, and the more you can feel or imagine yourself living them, the more compelling they will be. And the more compelling they are, the more likely you will ACT on them and then keep going no matter what.

This process transforms us from an ‘I could’ or ‘I should’ guilt motivated state, to an ‘I will’ inspired and excited state.

In this inspired state there is no question in your mind. Instead you approach things from a position of; 'I will do this!' and 'I can do it!’

The power of your dreams lies right here. In your compulsion and commitment. Not some vague imagining about where you would, could or should be or wishful thinking, but in figuring out what will absolutely move you and drive you to your very core.

How would it feel for you to find yourself in this excited, motivated and inspired state more of the time?

What kind of difference would it make in your everyday life?

I'm here to assure you - this state is absolutely possible for you!

If you want to get clear and feel excited about life again;

Start by dreaming freely and imagining the life you want to lead. Immerse yourself repeatedly in your dream to get clearer and clearer about exactly what will connect most strongly with you. See it. Feel it. Own it.

Then write it all down as a story that has already happened.

Imagine you were writing a story for others to help them experience that imaginative, creative moment with you. Describe the sights, smells, and the surroundings.

Cultivating this level of detail and the feelings which go with it, will move you and compel you to pursue your goals.

Commit to bringing your whole self to this story telling experience until you feel so excited and driven by the path you've chosen that you actively jump at every opportunity, walk through every door that opens for you and recognise what will help you along, as well as what will keep you stuck in a rut of day to day routines, fear or indecision.

DECIDE to dream, get clearer and more emotionally connected to your goals every day. Then seek and take every opportunity to actively turn your goals and dreams into a reality.

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