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Part 4 - Break big goals down into small achievable wins to keep your momentum.


Part 4 - Break big goals down into small achievable wins to keep your momentum.

A few months ago I participated in an online money mindset challenge and was asked a very useful question by the facilitator.

'What sorts of things will you be doing when you've achieved your BIG money goals? What could you do differently in the next couple of months to start to experience this feeling now?'

In that moment I realised I'd been thinking too far ahead. I'm a dreamer and a doer. And I am not afraid to dream BIG goals for myself and work towards them. But I do sometimes find myself trying to run before I can walk.

I often charge along with my eye off in the distance as I look forward to reaching my desired 'destination'. In this very small but powerful question, I realised there were little things I would love to see happen along the way.

Like having a shopping spree guilt free. Going out for dinner with my husband, Andy, on a regular basis. Or getting a cleaner in to help with the housework so I can focus on other priorities. These seemingly small things are already possible for me.

Living your dream life is not about waiting until you've reached the destination but taking little achievable steps towards it now.

Big leaps are more often than not made up of smaller steps which are sometimes the easiest to overlook. Yet these are the things which help you live the dream and work towards your bigger goals step by step.

When you see progress towards your big goals in incremental steps, you stay motivated, energised and you get to experience the feelings of success and reward for your efforts now.

Yes big things often take time but that doesn't mean you shouldn't find ways to enjoy and reward yourself along the way.

Withholding joy UNTIL you reach some particular place will not only affect your forward momentum but also your ability to experience pleasure in the precious moments of every day.

So dream big, break your dreams down into daily achievable steps towards your goals and above all have fun!

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