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Part 2 - Stay inspired by keeping your eye on your 'big picture'.


Part 2 - Stay inspired by keeping your eye on your 'big picture'.

What emotional state would you say you're in today?

In 2016 I started asking myself at the start of every day, 'How inspired I'm feeling?' I do this because if I'm not feeling inspired, then I know I've got work to do.

Being inspired is what helps me bring my best self into every part of my day. It helps me be creative and think of new ways to do things. It makes me feel AMAZING, like I've found my true purpose in this world. It also helps me believe more in myself and my ability to make all my dreams come true.

Suddenly anything is possible and I feel it to my very core.

I haven't always felt this way. I chose to cultivate an inspired state deliberately. I chose it because I was sick of waking up feeling flat, unenthused and unmotivated.

Did you know this can happen even when you're chasing your dreams?

It sure can!

The thing is, sometimes we get a bit lost, no matter what path we've chosen for ourselves.

At some point we decide, this is what I want and then a few months down the track we wonder, how on earth did I get here? This isn't exactly what I had in mind.

Sometimes in spite of our best intentions, we simply end up a little off track.

We took a wrong turn. Or got confused about what we really wanted and refused to decide. Maybe we just got caught up in the day to day and forgot what everything we were doing was really all about.

It's no biggie! This happens all the time.

People often set off on a big adventure, excited and just jumping out of their skin to see their dreams become a reality. But over time they start to bend and flex to fit their day to day circumstances. They start to doubt themselves, take short cuts, or even detours off in a completely different direction and end up finding themselves down a rabbit hole.

These can be some of our toughest moments. We find ourselves lost and wondering, 'What's this all about? How did I get here? Why am I not where I really wanted to be? How do I get back on track?'

The simple truth is, you are not lost, you are just distracted. That's all. It feels much worse than it is. Trust me.

You're okay. You've just forgotten who you are, what you are about and why you took this road in the first place.

Feeling lost is a sign you need to reconnect with what really matters to you at your very core. Your 'why'. Your 'big picture'.

You took a bit of a detour. So what. You can get back on track again.

You just need to remember exactly where you were going in the first place.

Yes, where was that again?...

Ask yourself;

What was the dream that led me to this very moment?

What did I imagine my life would be like?

What is most important to me?

If anything was possible, what would I chose?

What would I be doing differently?

How would I know I was on the right path for me?

You'll know when you work it all out because, guess what?....

You'll start to feel inspired again!! You'll start to remember exactly why you were doing all of this. And you'll also start to realise how you lost sight of it.

Maybe you got scared and stopped moving forward. Maybe you just got busy and forgot to choose your path intentionally. Perhaps you weren't 100% clear on exactly how your dream would look and accepted something slightly different. Maybe you have just allowed your daily routine to become MUNDANE.

Whatever happened. You have found your way BACK! Creating. Getting clear. Making up your mind. Remembering your path. And letting go of all the distractions you no longer want.

When you remember your 'big picture', the path becomes self-evident. You see clearly. Decision making is easy.

You know exactly what it is you want.

You know what you deserve.

And you trust that it can be yours.

If you are wondering how to find this inspired place more often, just take your time. Step away from all you are doing and give yourself time to reflect and reset your path.

Ask yourself;

How am I feeling?

What can I do TODAY to feel more inspired?

Put yourself in an inspiring place, even if only physically, like sitting somewhere beautiful and peaceful.

Then focus on what you want now and in the future. Let go of the 'how' you will get there. Just allow yourself to dream about what could be and how it would feel to live your dream.

Become an observer of your dream. Dream about the long term. Dream about the short term. Find creative ways to fit all your dreams together.

Build your dream until it is so compelling you won't let it go. Connect to it emotionally. Immerse yourself by imagining all the feelings you will experience when you are living your dreams.

Then just return to this wonderful and compelling vision whenever you feel off track or uninspired to find your way again.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are really struggling emotionally and having a hard time feeling more positive about your life, the above advice may not be appropriate for you. It may be helpful to speak with a family member, trusted GP or psychologist to work through how you are feeling about your current circumstances. You might also like to speak with a 24 hour Lifeline counsellor in your local area (Lifeline Aus - phone. 13 11 14 or crisis support chat at

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