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Pay it Forward Program

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Emily Wilks runs a Pay it Forward program for eligible applicants experiencing hardship in their life or business.

This program supports participants wanting to access the Reconnect and Elevate Program only who are otherwise unable to fund their own place in the program.


Places are dependent on assessed suitability for the program as well as Emily's current availability at the time of your application.

There will be 12 Pay it Forward places made available each year (one per month). So please register your interest ASAP.


Pay it Forward Application  

(If you're experiencing financial or other hardships in your business and life that prevent you funding your own place in the Reconnect and Elevate Program, please click the button below and complete the Pay it Forward application.) 

(PLEASE NOTE: Places are limited and submitting an application does not guarantee you a Pay it Forward place in the program. By applying you are confirming you have read and agree to the below EW Terms & Conditions)
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