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Helping you thrive in your career & life!

Live Round Commences
1st Feb 2024

You're an impact driven woman, ready to reclaim your power and wellbeing.

But things feel harder than they need to?

  • You’re rushing from one thing to the next and wishing you had more time in the day. 

  • You feel like your brain is on overdrive, with the mental load (and exhaustion to match) from having to remember 50,000+ things. 

  • Even though others tell you they’re in awe of how you juggle and achieve all you do; you find it difficult to acknowledge all you accomplish yourself.

  • You find yourself struggling at times to be present with your loved ones or thinking of work, when you’d prefer to be unwinding at night. 

  • You wake up at 1am in a cold sweat worrying about the things you forgot to do, or that you didn’t do as well as you would have liked.

  • You compare yourself to others and wonder how they manage to make it all look so easy.

  • You feel frustrated (often with yourself) and sometimes resentful towards family members who aren’t jumping in to help as much as you’d hoped they would, whilst also feeling guilty about thinking or feeling this way.

  • You’re tired of feeling ‘guilty’ or ‘not enough’. You’re an unapologetic impact driven woman who wants to make a difference AND enjoy life too.

You know everyone benefits when you take care of your own wellbeing. But you also wonder where to begin and find yourself putting it off another day.

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Can you relate?


Hi! I'm Em!

As a high performing coach, psychologist, business owner, leader and Mum myself, I fully understand your juggle. 


All the things you do are important!


It can be hard to finish work, shut down the computer and quieten your mind at the end of the day, so you can be fully present in your life. 


There’s always something pressing going on behind the scenes that needs your attention right?


And you feel torn between the needs of various people in your life. 


It can be hard to slow down long enough to even BEGIN to contemplate what YOU might need.


You don’t want to let anyone down. But you also know you need your love and attention too and that things are not sustainable this way

That’s why I created...



How would it feel to:

  • Prioritise your wellbeing, energy and inner peace.

  • Do more of what you love to do every day knowing these healthy and nurturing choices are good for YOU and those you love too.

  • Create a life that balances the things that matter most to you.

  • Reduce your mental load by trusting yourself instead of trying to keep up with what everyone else thinks you ’should’ be doing.


  • Set boundaries around your time and space by asking for what you want confidently.

  • Treat yourself with the compassion and love you deserve.

  • Feel proud of your decision to value yourself more and more every day



Uncover Your Unique Path to Wellbeing

Map out a simple, achievable pathway to support your overall wellbeing.

Re-ignite the Spark Within

Restore your energy, wellbeing & inner peace.

Reclaim Your Time for YOU

Make space to do more of what you love and less of what you don’t, guilt free.

Become your own BFF

Change your inner dialogue and treat yourself with self-compassion & loving kindness.

Value Yourself

Tap into your unique strengths, inner wisdom as well as overcome perfectionism.

Decide What You REALLY want

Find clarity and overcome indecision, overthinking & procrastination.

Set Boundaries with Confidence

Say  ‘no’, speak your mind and ask for what you need without the guilt.

Feel Good More of the Time

Be present, enjoy life and thrive!

Where others might want you to put their needs first – my role is to help you to unapologetically reclaim your personal power and wellbeing for YOU!

But first, YOU have to decide that you're worth every moment!


Our first LIVE round commences Thursday 1st February 2024.

Access an Early Bird Rate $197 on this program when you sign up before 31st December 2023, after which the price goes up to $297.

You can also purchase individual modules for $47.


Are you ready to...


8 Week Digital Program

Weekly Live Q & A Sessions

Supportive Facebook Group

Printable Workbooks and Resources

Lifetime Access


Emily smiling with shrubs and purple flowers in the background



Co-Founder and Coach - True Colours Co

BSc(Hons), MPsych(Couns), Dip(Mgt)
Counselling Psychologist

For more than a decade, Emily has been supporting women to step into leadership, clarity, inspiration and self-trust so they can create success, impact and a thriving life, THEIR way!

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